Cast & Crew

Surge of Power Enterprises presents:

Executive Producer - Vincent J. Roth

Director - Michael Donahue

Featuring Performances by:

LOU FERRIGNO (The Incredible Hulk)

NICHELLE NICHOLS (Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek)


NOEL NEILL (Lois Lane from The Adventures of Superman)

BOBBY TRENDY (from The Anna Nicole Show)

Cameo Appearances by:

BOB MAY (Robot from Lost In Space)

BUTCH PATRICK (Eddie Munster from The Munsters

LISA LORING (Wednesday from The Addams Family)

LIZ SHERIDAN (Helen from Seinfeld)

BERNARD FOX (Doctor Bombay from Bewitched)

ERIN MURPHY (Tabitha from Bewitched)

DAVID MANDEL (Adam from Bewitched)

MARTY KROFFT (of Sid & Marty Krofft, Saturday morning kids TV program legends)

TADAO TOMOMATSU (Mr. Shake-Hands Guy from Banzai TV)

ROSE MARIE (Sally Rogers from The Dick Van Dyke Show)

ALISON ARNGRIM (Nellie from Little House on the Prairie)

LEN WEIN (famous comic writer; creator of Wolverine)

MARV WOLFMAN (famous comic writer; creator of Teen Titans)

FORREST ACKERMAN (world's leading science-fiction authority)

Special Thanks to ELUSIVE ENTERTAINMENT for providing segment of INTERVIEWS OF A LIFETIME WITH TOM TANGEN that includes interview clip of HALLE BERRY

CAST (in order of appearance)

Comic Book Fan Alan Mills
Comic MerchantTom Tangen
Gavin Lucas/Surge of PowerVincent J. Rothl
Boss, Arthur A. AllenBarry Workman
Office CoworkerTom Tangen
JordanVictor Stone
Professor BeatriceElizabeth da Costa
Professor Ronald RichardsRobert Hurt
Hector Harris/Metal MasterJohn T. Venturini
Lab AssistantTom Tangen
Gavin’s FatherGreg Kimble
ScottSeth Harrington
BarryHagen O’Brien
Hotdog Stand AttendantTom Tangen
Gymnast at ParkShawn Mohler
Young Man/That GuyJoey Bourgeois
Friend #1Charles A. Phillips
Friend #2Jeff Schuetze
Friend #3Trev Broudy
Bully #1John Ferrell
Bully #2Peter Miller
Comic Book Writers at ParkMarv Wolfman
Len Wein
JoggerTom Tangen
Secretia Collinsas herself
Costume Party Guest #1Hien Vo
Guest #2Craig Roberts
Guest #3Erica Doering
Guest #4Colleen Crosby
Guest #5Shawn Crosby
Guest #6Jason Peeples
Guest #7Karen Rasor
Guest #8John Gawrych
Guest #9Billy Dortch
Guest #10Wayne Vincent
Bobby Trendy as himself
Guest #11Jason Allen
Guest #12Jacob Hobbs
Guest #13Swaga Deb
Mugger #1Marc Mazur
Mugger #2Matty Ferraro
Mugger #3William Schurmann
Doctor's AssistantTom Tangen
Therapist, Dr. Bruce JonesGene Barsamian
InvestorJ. Russell Brown, Jr.
Reporter Holly DaySue Park
Bank Robbery Spectators 1Matt Lemcke
Shawn Mohler
Leslie Jaramillo
Joshua David Charles Lobb
Alexandra da Costa
Reverends Blessing SurgeChrist Chapel of Laguna, Reverend Lillian Lobb
Christ Chapel of the Valley, Reverend Jerrell Walls
Aunt Lois WilliamsonNoel Neill
Bank Robbery Spectators 2Nicole Hollingsworth
Todd Winters
Billy Dortch
Bank Robber #1Derek Poirier
Bank Robber #2Pat Mannion
Guy with RadioTadao Tomomatsu
Reporter's CameramanAlex Pournelle
Police Officer #1Hien Vo
Police Officer #2Tom Tangen
Rock StarGio
BartenderTom Tangen
Bar OwnerJay Krymis
Bar PatronsMark Hersh
Jay Forman
Professor on Campus Mark A. Reid
InternShawn Cortreal
Muscle Guy on StreetLou Ferrigno
Omen Nichelle Nichols
Apartment TenantTom Tangen
Boy #1Ryan Oswald
Boy #2Andy Margolis
Boy #3Bobby Shirley
Police Officer #3Erica Doering
MayorLanette Ware
Rose Marieas herself
Noel Neillas herself
Bernard Foxas himself
Erin Murphyas herself
David Mandelas himself
Butch Patrickas himself
Lisa Loringas herself
Forrest Ackermanas himself
Marty Krofftas himself
ToriLeslie Jaramillo
"Doctor Cranky"Harry Cassidy
Len Weinas himself
Marv Wolfmanas himself
Bob Mayas himself
Liz Sheridan as herself
Allison Arngrimas herself
Store ClerkThomas Trainor
Lou Ferrignoas himself
Godas himself

Special thanks to ELUSIVE ENTERTAINMENT  for providing segment of 

INTERVIEWS OF A LIFETIME WITH TOM TANGEN  that includes interview of Halle Berry 

Special thanks to THE HUNGRY WRITER COMPANY  for allowing the appearance of 

Secretia Collins from SUCCUBUS


Executive ProducerVincent J. Roth
DirectorMichael Donahue
ProducersVincent J. Roth
Tom Tangen
Michael Donahue
Co-ProducersVictor Stone
Shawn Mohler
Charles A. Phillips
Matt McFarland
Director of PhotographyMatt McFarland
EditorPeter Gahan
Assistant EditorsThomas Trainor
Amy Meek
Trailer EditorThomas Trainor
Production DesignerErica Doering
Music byKen Fix
ScreenplayVincent J. Roth
Visual Effects SupervisorGreg Kimble
Color TimingMato
Opening Credits and Additional Visual Effects byMad Science Labs
Helmet GraphicRocky Curby
Music SupervisorKen Fix
Sound Effects DesignerMatt Lemcke
Sound Mixer and BoomEugene E. Thompson
Boom OperatorShana Barry
Post Production SupervisorsMichael Donahue
Vincent J. Roth
Sound EditorialTurbosound
Re-recording MixerXavier Sol
Post Production Sound Services byTurbosound
Post Production Sound Supervisor Dessie Markovsky
1st ADDustin Voigt
2nd ADElizabeth da Costa
2nd ADDan "The Man" Spisak
1st Assistant CameraMelvina M. Rapozo
Additional Camera OperatorJayson Crothers
Loader / 2nd Assistant CameraSarah Renard
LoaderDaniel Tan
GafferAdam Tash
GafferTodd A. Kirschner
Key GripChip Ingram
Best Boy GripAndrew Sigler
Best Boy GripMike Kerr
GripTaylor Black
GripGuido Egger
GripNicholas Davis
GripJustin D. Pagel
GripRyan Purvis
Best Boy ElectricTravis Belgard
ElectricChris Knitter
ElectricDiego Mariscal
Production ManagerAdam Simon
Production CoordinatorElayne Pelz
Production AssociateAlex Pournelle
Art Director / Prop MasterErica Doering
Set Design / CarpenterAdam C. Woods
Special Props/ThaumaturgistShawn Crosby
Makeup Artist / HairHarry Meier
Costume DesignerVincent J. Roth
Prop ManagerC. Arrow Cerrulli
Production AssistantAlex Pournelle
Production AssistantPeter K. Flynn
Production AssistantLaurie A. Shier
Production AssistantShawn Cortreal
Script SupervisorStacey Hallman
Fight scene choreographyJeff Schuetze
Seth Harrington
StuntsVincent J. Roth
Robert Hurt
Jeff Schuetze
Still PhotographerBev Bacon
EPK/DVD DocumentationRalph Langer
ArtworkNelson Hernandez
GraphicsWilliam Schurmann
Graphic DesignRobert Hurt
Sketches of Surge costume and emblemNelson Hernandez
Vincent J. Roth
Lance Olsen
Press Kit and Promotional MaterialsPOPEPAT, a.k.a., Pat Mannion
Web DesignJoe Anderson (
Scientific AdvisorDr. Robert L. Hurt
Accounting ServicesWagner Financial Services
Trademark/Copyright CounselMichael L. Lovitz, Esq.
Legal CounselSue Park, Esq.
Vincent J. Roth, Esq.


Post Production CinematographyTheo Pingarelli
Assistant CameraThomas Trainor
1st ADElizabeth da Costa
2nd Unit SoundKatharine LaRonde/td>
Production AssistantMark A. Reid

Specialty Props provided by Applied Effects, LLC

Clothing Provided by JOCKO

Beverages Provided by Miller Brewing Company


Some costumes may resemble characters and indicia that are the copyrights, trademarks or registered trademarks of  Paramount Pictures Corporation, LucasFilm Entertainment Company Ltd., DC Comics, Marvel Characters, Inc., Universal City Studios, Inc., Lantronix, Inc., or The Hungry Writer Company and all rights in such characters and indicia are owned by their respective rights holders. All of the names, characters, institutions and events in this film are fictitious, and any resemblance to those of actual persons, living or dead, or institutions that may exist is 
purely coincidental, or is done solely in parody in a spirit of respect, tribute, and good  natured fun. 

"Surge," "Surge of Power," "Metal Master," "Captain Meteor," "Splendorella," 
"Blue Beacon," the "Justice Brigade" and their distinctive likenesses and
all related indicia are the trademarks of Vincent J. Roth, Esq.

Screen Actors Guild
Los Angeles Actors Coalition
The Team At Mile High Comics for providing booth location at Comic-Con International
FUBAR for providing bar location
J. Russell Brown, Jr. for providing location for Gavin's loft
Robert Hurt for providing costume party location
Aaron Vanek, Keith Hartman, Blake Middleton, Keith Breton, and Glenn Neely for help on set
Michael Oswald as trailer narrator
Tadao Tomomatsu, Elizabeth da Costa and Michael Oswald for voice overs
LeBow Music & Multimedia, Inc.
Manny Acosta and Mary Fry at Raleigh Studios
Mary Claypool and Lex Nakashima at Laurel Canyon Stages
Regina Pancake at Applied Effects
Shari Shaw and the Shari Shaw Studios
Gerardo Suarez, Jr., whose encouragement started this project.

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