Revenge of the Sequel

long-awaited sequel, SAG feature

Cinema's first openly gay Superhero™ vs.
Cinema's first openly gay Supervillain!


Awkward Situations

Uncover Metal Master's activities - urge tracks Metal Master to Las Vegas, finding himself out of his element in a strange town. Surge is soon aided by local college students, Wendy, Marvin and Todd, deploying their own talents to help Surge uncover Metal Master's activities, putting Surge in awkward situations. Cut off from his support in Big City and in need of more help,

Surge activates the artificial intelligence in his high-tech car, the Surgemobile (portrayed first by Bruce Vilanch, six-time Emmy Award winner, comedian and writer, and later another artificial intelligence personality played by Shannon Farnon, Wonder Woman from the SuperFriends).

Over 50 celebrities

The long-awaited sequel to our first movie. In this independent, SAG feature film, Surge is back with new friends, new enemies, familiar faces, and greater perils!

The sequel commemorates the 10 year anniversary of the release of our first movie and is packed with over 50 celebrities, bigger visual effects, and cinema's first openly gay supervillain!


Surgemobile to Surgebot

Help Surge fight crime - The Surgemobile becomes a character in the sequel. The car's artificial intelligence technology displays two personalities, one played by Shannon Farnon (who played Wonder Woman on the SuperFriends! from 1974-1983) and one played by Bruce Vilanch (comedian, best known from The Hollywood Squares, and 6-time Emmy award winning writer). But what does "MAVIS" and "SIRIUS" stand for?

Although Surge no longer has Professor Ronald Richards to help him, the good Professor made enhancements to the Surgemobile to help Surge fight crime. When activating "Battle Mode," see the Surgemobile convert into the Surgebot! Watch the sequel to find out what other amazing things the Surgemobile can do!

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