Surge Of Power
The Stuff Of Heroes


Is a light-hearted superhero comedy that spoofs the superhero genre. It is a feature film that runs 85 minutes, shot on 35mm wide screen cinemascope, and features 20 celebrities from the sci-fi, fantasy and comic genres, such as Nichelle Nichols (Uhura from Star Trek), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Noel Neill (Lois Lane, Adventures of Superman) and many more.

The movie played in film festivals and comic conventions 2004-2005, was distributed by Ariztical Entertainment, enjoyed a limited theatrical release March 2006, was released on DVD in May 2006 (available in outlets such as Blockbuster, Best Buy, Tower, etc. from 2006-2009), played on cable TV in 2008, streamed on NetFlix 2009-2013.


Gavin and the Professor

Gavin finds after a freak accident he now has powers. With the help of the Professor he learns how to use his powers.


To the Rescue

Surge jumps into action to protect an inocent young man, just as things heat up on the street.


Good vs. Evil

As the battle between Surge and Metal Master heats up, Surge's powers are put to the test. Does he have enough to beat this super vilian? Surge empowers himself with the support of friends.


Omen appears

Omen (Nichelle Nichols) makes a dramatic appearance in a gold shimmering glow. She offers our new hero some advice after he gains his powers.

Movie Artwork


What fans say:
A campy, soon to be cult classic...
Entertaining as light-hearted fare in the superhero genre
I loved it so much! Deep love with inappropriate...
It's a good, sweet, and funny story
Worked well & some very clever comic comments nestled in
I can't help but wonder -- is there going to be a Surge 2?
Best Superhero Movie in Years !!

What reviewers say :
A lighthearted and fun movie filled...
Unique and daring
Fun and campy…sure to be loved
Flirty repartee…unabashed silliness...
Genius…clearly a labor of love...
Campy, cult science fiction...
Action and fun for audiences...

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